"Do one thing every day that scares you."  Eleanor Roosevelt

October 2019 Newsletter

President's Message

Lee Chaix McDonough

The Border Zone

As I mentioned in last month’s letter, Fall is an ideal time for new beginnings and fresh starts, which means setting new goals. I encouraged you to consider your values - what matters most to you - when creating these goals. When we link what we wish to accomplish with how we want to live our lives, we feel more connected, more grounded, and we’re more likely to succeed.

However, new goals means stretching outside of our comfort zone and trying new things. That can feel overwhelming, frustrating, and even scary. I’m facing those feelings myself as I prepare to launch my first ever virtual conference, the Clarity Summit, and my new membership site for coaches, Coach with Clarity┬«.

I’ve never coordinated a major online event like the Clarity Summit before, nor have I run an online membership program. I’m walking the thin line between feeling confident in myself and my abilities, and wondering if I have what it takes to make this all work.

I suspect those of you who working towards your big dreams also know this place well. I call it the Border Zone – the area between the Land of Opportunity, where anything and everything is possible, and the Land of Overwhelm, where fear takes over.

The key sign I’m in the Border Zone is restlessness – a pervasive, low-level, frenetic energy that stays with me throughout the day. Typically, I notice it and press on. But this morning, I tried something different – maybe even a little out there – and the results were amazing.

I picked up a pen and started free writing, asking restlessness what it wanted me to know. I wrote for less than five minutes, but that was enough time for restlessness to share ten tips for navigating the Border Zone and taking on an audacious goal. They are:

  1. Slow down. You are right on time for your life, and you don’t have to accomplish everything today.
  2. Find your center. Overwhelm can pull you off course, so take a moment to reconnect with yourself and your purpose.
  3. Hold fast to your vision. Be clear about what exists for you at the end of your goal. Visualize it and let it guide your actions.
  4. Don’t lose sight of what matters. That big vision you have is anchored in your deepest values. Let those values guide you – not the overwhelm.
  5. Choose three things. Those are your non-negotiables for the day. Do those three things. Everything else is bonus.
  6. Say no to say yes. You have to say no to the wrong things in order to say yes to the right ones.
  7. Rely on your support team. There are people in your life who love you and want to help you. Let them.
  8. Take care of yourself. You cannot pour into others’ cups if you let your pitcher run dry. Fill your pitcher.
  9. Trust the process. Everything is unfolding as it is meant to. You’re on the right path.
  10. YOU are your own best resource. You already have everything you need to create what you want. Don’t doubt yourself. Go do it.

As you continue to work towards your dreams, I hope you find these ten tips helpful and inspiring. Let me know which one particularly speaks to you. 

You got this.



Tuesday, October 1st 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.  

Evening Meeting with Dinner at The Chelsea

Bridging the Cultural Divide

Debi Miller is a Senior Case Manager at Interfaith Refugee Ministry and has been assisting refugees for the last nine years as they begin a new life in America.  Debi has had the opportunity of helping refugees from many countries including Cuba, Colombia, Burma, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Debi will share how these newcomers become valuable members of our community.

Wednesday, October 16th  11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. 

Day Meeting with Lunch at the NBG&CC

Art Builds Bridges

Eileen Bress is the executive director of the Craven Arts Council.  She will share how the Council serves to provide a bridge between art and the role the Council plays in nurturing relationships throughout our community.  Dara Morgan will join the discussion and share how we can find well-being through the therapeutic benefits of artistic expression. 



Dinner Dessert Sponsor - Thank you, Camilla

We carry clothing and shoes for both casual style and active outdoor living.  Health & Beauty products that make you feel great.  Distinctive jewelry, gifts and cards. For your home, you'll find beautiful decor and outdoor furniture.  And for the end of the day, pick up a wonderful bottle of wine and tasty snacks.

Camilla Wheeler, Owner, Nautical Wheelers




202-A Craven Street, New Bern

Lunch Dessert Sponsor - Thank you, Eileen

In a transition? Need a change?

Trouble getting from Point A to Point B?

Let’s meet over a cup of coffee and discover what stumbling blocks may be in your way. Through assessments and one-on-one coaching discussions, Paradigm Associates can offer you insight into what you want or where you want to be, with a practical plan to help you reach your goals!

Eileen Nonemaker, Paradigm Associates North Carolina

Business Coach






Please extend a warm welcome to this month's new members.

Jennifer Bertling, Graceful Tables Linen Rental and Event Planning

Kristen Berton, Smile Labs of New Bern

Mecia Dudley, First Flight Credit Union and Expressive Candy LLC

Evie Foulkes 

Pat Stroh, ReMax

Lori Worley, Weyerhauser Company


Missed Meal Policy:  Please cancel your meeting registration by 12 noon the Monday prior to the event.  If not, we will charge you for the meal that you missed.  This policy is due to our advanced guarantee obligation to the venue. We'd much rather have you attend the event but we understand changing schedules.  



Medicine Done Differently

At ParkerLane Integrative Health, we believe that you have the ability to restore and maintain good health by strengthening your mind, body, lifestyle, and community.

Our practitioners combine conventional and alternative therapies to address your unique healthcare need and goals.

We partner with you to identify the root cause of your health concerns using a holistic mind-body approach, focusing on nutrition, lifestyle, and stress management.

Our mission is to empower you to be fully engaged in your healing process and embrace lifelong wellness.  
Check out our website for more information: www.parkerlaneih.com  or give us a call at 252-631-5815.

ParkerLane Integrative Health


1440 McCarthy Blvd. Suite A

New Bern, NC 28562         


   Holly Parker                Charlotte Lane


Front of Mind

Bear Town Baskets creates gifts for businesses that keep you and your company in the front of your clients' minds. Remember, your clients don't get up every morning thinking about you. 

We are now offering gift boxes of New Bern, Koozies and Kitchen towels that can be printed with your logo.

Every once in a while you need to contact them so they know you're still around and appreciate their business or their referral. Mention that you saw this ad in the CWF newsletter and get $5 off your next order of $50 or more.


Brenda Singh
BearTown Baskets


Save The Date

Professional Women’s Conference

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Flame Restaurant

11:30am – 5pm

Keynote Speaker – Susanne Gaddis  

$40.00 Registration includes lunch, afternoon speakers and wine & cheese reception. Event sponsorships are available.

Contact Teresa Suhrie at tsuhrie@newbernchamber.com or 252-637-3111


Share My Passion

Hello, My name is Trista Laborn. I'm the Founder and Creator of Special Tea, Co. With a HUGE passion for health, wellness & fun. I started this business excited to create unique blends, designed with your favorite flavors & spices in mind.

Sharing in the health benefits, the impact it made in my life, the comfort and lasting memories with every tea blend I create, is what I live for. I pray that every blend will bring you the same experience.

If you have any questions or comments about tea, contact me at: sales@specialTeaco.com


Ahh ... the Smell of Gingerbread!

It’s already fall and time for pumpkin spice lattes and pulling out those sweaters.  That means it is time to think Gingerbread!  The New Bern Historical Society invites you to fire up your imagination and join in the Third Annual Gingerbread House Contest!  Houses will be on display in downtown shops.  Contest winners will receive prizes of cash and gift cards.  Deadline to enter on November 11. 

Need more confidence?  Craven Community College is partnering with the Historical Society to offer an Introduction to Gingerbread House Building class October 7 at 10am or October 16 at 6:30pm.  You’ll learn the basics needed to build your very own gingerbread house with no-fail dough and icing recipes.

Whether novice or pro, after this class, you’ll be ready to enter your creation in the Gingerbread House Contest and be a part of the Beary Merry Christmas festivities.

For all the information on the contest go to www.GingerbreadNewBern.com. To sign up for the class, go to https://cravencc.edu/aep/kitchen-cuisine/#ginger


Publish in Higher-Impact Journals

Does your medical research article need revision before peer review and publication? Maybe the Discussion is unorganized and the Abstract doesn’t sufficiently highlight that your main findings close a major gap in the literature. But as a busy clinician, you don’t have time to fix all that and format to target journal specifications.

With fifteen years’ lab experience and over a dozen personal publications, Thressa Smith, PhD, at Onboard Editing has the scientific expertise to spot potential issues and offer sound advice, from the title to the conclusions, to achieve positive reviewer responses. In over six years of professional copyediting, including for JAMA, she has helped hundreds of clinicians ensure clear, concise content that is accurate, organized, correctly formatted, and free from grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. You did the research, now get Thressa onboard to improve your publication rate by going to OnboardEditing.com or emailing her at ThressaSmith@OnboardEditing.com.

Thressa Smith, PhD

Language Editor for Scientists, Clinicians, and Students Worldwide

Freelance Manuscript Editor, The JAMA Network



Gaggles of Goblins

Jeanne Crockett owner of Crockett’s Critter Care says beware of Halloween. You know the ghosts and goblins that show up on Halloween are friendly, but your pets aren’t so sure! They get distressed by all the commotion, the costumes, and the doorbells. Keep them safe and comfortable on Halloween by putting them in their cozy crate or friendly room. And remember that most decorations and candy, while festive for you, can be tempting and dangerous for pets.

Crockett’s Critter Care  has a team of pet professionals that can care for your pets when you’re out for the day or away for the weekend. Jeanne Crockett’s team is bonded and insured which means you are hiring trained professionals to care for your beloved pet whether furry, feathered, or finned. For Fear Free professional pet sitting and dog walking go to crockettscrittercare.com, contact Jeanne by email or call her at 252.635.2655.


Cooler Weather is Coming

October brings changes in weather.  Enjoy the cooler temps and savor the outdoors as much as possible. Twenty minutes outside at lunch time will give you energy for the rest of the day.

Massage Therapy is essential for great health.

Take care of YOU because no one else can do it for YOU

Elise A. Medenbach, LMBT Massage Therapy

Glenburnie Professional Center

1425 South Glenburnie Road, Suite 6

New Bern, NC 28560


252 474-6118


Reduce Harmful Chemicals

Want to significantly reduce the harmful chemicals in your home?  START HERE!  A Healthy Home Makeover with the Safe Haven 5 Set from Norwex! These five Norwex products work together to get your entire home super-clean, super-fast, and even help you reduce chemicals as you go! A typical family of four saves almost $600 a year on cleaning supplies; plus you clean in about half the time!  What will you do with all that space under your kitchen sink? 

Learn more about it here …   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=of7kjP2-KKI.  And then earn a Safe Haven 5 set for free by sharing the Norwex mission with friends.  Host a fast, fun, and educational get together with super impressive demos and earn hundreds of dollars’ worth of FREE products.  Once you start using these products, you will ask, “what can I Norwex next”?  And I’ll have the answer!

Mary Ellen Crisp, Norwex Independent Sales Consultant

252.675.9947 --  maryellencrisp.norwex.biz – crispyclean2016@gmail.com


Last Clean Up of 2019 - Let's Pitch In!

Craven County Clean Sweep sponsors four annual clean up events on the first Saturdays of February, May, August and October to help keep New Bern streets and waterways free of litter. The upcoming one (aka Big Sweep) will be Saturday, October 5th, but if that day is not convenient, you can choose another day that fits your schedule!

It’s your choice to help out in any of these ways: by walking along the streets in your own neighborhood; by using your boat to clean up a waterway; by meeting with others at Craven County Administration

Building’s parking lot, 406 Craven Street on that Saturday at 9AM to be assigned a spot or by simply picking any other “trashy” area that’s been bothering you. The amount of time you spend on this is totally up to you – it can be 15 minutes or a few hours. Bags will be provided. The bags will, also, be picked up where you leave them so you do not have to carry them to another spot! For more information, call 633-1477.


Start Your Holiday Shopping Now!

Pure, Safe, Beneficial -- that is the Arbonne way.  Make your holiday More the Merrier with the dashing 2019 Holiday Collection from Arbonne. Unwrap new scents and holiday favorites to bring joy and merry moments to those around you. Check out my website for all Arbonne products as well as the Holiday Line.  There are so many wonderful items for all those on your gift-giving list--including kids and the guys in your life too!

Check out my website http://RosemarieMacNeal.arbonne.com for all the products. Email me at rose.arbonneconsultant@gmail.com if you have any questions or would like a free demonstration!   



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