"Love builds bridges where there are none."  R.H. Delaney

July 2019 Newsletter

President's Message

Lee Chaix McDonough

Building Bridges

As I write this article, my first President’s Message, I can’t help but reflect on my CWF experience thus far. I joined Coastal Women’s Forum in 2016 and became a board member shortly thereafter, serving under three different presidents and witnessing firsthand how each contributed to our organization.

From Jane Maulucci’s passion, to Sandy Eichelberger’s strength, to Eileen Nonemaker’s expertise, these women worked tirelessly to promote our core pillars: Networking, Education, and Encouragement. They are now and forever a part of the CWF legacy, along with Cynthia Turco, Leigh Wilkerson, MaryAnn Jordan, and dozens of other exemplary women who served as president.

And now in 2019, a different Lee (with a different spelling!) prepares to step into the role of President. How fortunate I am to have the wisdom and support not only of presidents past, but of our membership as a whole. The women who make up Coastal Women’s Forum are incredible, and it’s my honor to serve you and the organization this year.

Each year, the president chooses a theme to guide CWF as we plan events, choose speakers, and engage in our community. This is a significant responsibility; one I’ve been considering and thinking about for months.

I wanted to choose a theme that acknowledges everything CWF has accomplished over the last 30+ years, while also providing inspiration and direction for the future. As I thought about connecting yesterday with tomorrow, I envisioned a bridge between them, much like our city’s iconic drawbridge. And from this mental image came this year’s theme:

Building Bridges

My vision for the 2019-2020 year is to expand CWF’s presence and impact through dialogue, relationship-building, and connection with community members and organizations. By building bridges across age, racial, and cultural divides, we can help strengthen and empower our community.

In many ways, this year’s theme is also my personal theme. In May, I celebrated my 40th birthday, meaning I’m part of a micro-generation called “Xennials.” Those of us born between 1977 and 1983 don’t fit neatly into either the Gen X or Millennial generations, as we have traits of both yet conform to neither. We’re known for having an “analog childhood and digital adulthood,” bridging the gap between two generations.

The feeling of straddling two worlds is not a new one for me, and not simply because of my birth year. When my husband was in the Air Force and I worked as a government employee, I often felt like I lived in two worlds – military and civilian. And now, as an entrepreneur and mother of two children, I’m constantly navigating the demands of my business with the responsibilities of parenthood.

As a result, I’m comfortable in the in-between, navigating transitions and finding innovative ways to get from point A to point B and beyond. My hope is that my personal experiences, combined with the collective wisdom of our membership and the guidance of an outstanding Board of Directors, will help CWF build new bridges into the future.

Enjoy your summer, and we’ll see you at the first Dinner Meeting of the year on August 6th!



No meetings in July.  Please mark your calendar for our August events.

Tuesday, August 6th  Dinner at The Chelsea

Wednesday, August 21st Lunch at the NBG&CC



No events in July ... so no desserts.  Now that's a bummer. 

However, if you're interested in sponsoring dessert for any of our upcoming events, please let a CWF Board Member know.   

There's no sweeter way to get your message out.




Please extend a warm welcome to our new member ...

Sue Thatch, FRC East

TREASURER - Two Things, Please

Membership Renewal and Special Pricing Notice

First:  Please watch your email for the 2019-2020 CWF membership renewal notice going out in July.  Thank you for renewing your dues quickly so that we can work to present valuable events in the year ahead.  Any questions about your membership, please contact Virginia Spencer or Adrienne Earle.

Second:  Due to increased costs, it's necessary for us to increase the fee for our monthly luncheon to $18 for members and $25 for non-members.    Please remember that the remarkable value of attending remains: 

  • Great educational and motivational content with our speakers 
  • Unparalleled networking with business colleagues and friends
  • A wonderful lunch at the New Bern Golf & Country Club

LEADERSHIP - 2019-2020 CWF Board of Directors ... at your service

Lee Chaix McDonough, President

Rose McNeal, President Elect

Eileen Nonemaker, Past President

Holli Quin, Secretary

Nelda Coats, Treasurer

Carrie Gallagher, Advisor

Georgiana Bowman Bircher, Lunch Program Chair

Liz Hartman, Lunch Meeting Coordinator

Kelly Michaud, Dinner Program Chair

Judi Dorn, Dinner Meeting Coordinator

Virginia Spencer, Membership

Adrienne Earle, Membership

Penny Zibula, Publicity

Kayla Schippert, Social Media and Historian

Jeanette Paschal, Newsletter



Happenings at the New Bern Historical Society

If you missed Mark Sandvigen’s sold-out World War I Lunch & Learn presentation, A Distant Mirror: Craven County and Reflections on the Great War, 1917-1920, you are in luck!  There will be an encore on July 10th at 11:30am at The Chelsea.  Get your reservations now. 

Call 252-638-8558 or go to www.NewBernHistorical.org/tickets.

Doesn’t it seem that the Ghostwalk ghosts are having fun?  Well, they are!  And here is your chance to join them.  Ghostwalk auditions will be Wednesday, July 24 at 6pm at the Attmore-Oliver House at 511 Broad Street. No preparation or experience is necessary.  Just come and read from the script. We are looking for women and men age 18 and up.  Those selected as ghosts will learn a role, participate in approximately 2 rehearsals and portray a character at one of 13 ghost sites including the favorite, Cedar Grove Cemetery. 

For more information call 252-638-8558.


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Summer School is Open

C’mon all you over achievers! Get the jump on your competition with Monday Mini Courses in sales, networking, and content development: July 8 -You’re An Expert -learn how to write a great speech, July 15, But I Hate Sales – a sales process for non-sales folks, July 22 Newbie Networking – How you can be fearless and make it work, July 29 Copywriting Simplified – The science and system of creating stellar copy. The Monday classes run from 6:30-8pm and are $75 each. 

On Thursday evenings, 6:30-8pm, July 11-25, the three session Passionate Presentations will be offered for those who want to lose the speaking jitters and captivate their audience. Then Saturday mornings, 9-noon, July 13, 20 & 27, Manifesting Made Easy – It’s not magic, it’s choices! Become the conscious creator of your best life.  Each three session course is $125. For more information email: jane@trainedbyjane.com or call or text: 252.631.9601


Have a safe and happy Summer, everyone!


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