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President's Message: Embrace Change

October 2020

As we head into fall, let’s think of new beginnings and positive changes. Even in the times we are living in, positive changes are possible.

We all experience the change of seasons. For me personally, fall was always my favorite time of the year. Growing up in New England, there was a definite change in the air. My sisters, brother, and I would fearlessly jump into the piles of leaves we raked! Fall also meant weekend drives with my family to the apple orchards. We would head out on Sunday afternoons for a drive, which always ended up at a farm stand or orchard to get apples for the week. As we headed back to the car for our drive home, my mom would wipe off a few apples and slice them up for us as we drove on country roads enjoying the foliage and the crisp, sweet taste of the different apples she would select. This is a memory that I will never forget!

In these times we are currently experiencing, we have all had to make changes in our lives—some of which we may not have control over. And yes, these are changes that we will probably never forget either! We cannot let these changes affect our hopes and dreams. As we go through these changes, what’s important to remember is that Coastal Women’s Forum is a strong group of women who continue to educate and encourage our members.

Many of us have dreams, hopes, or desires for our personal lives, our health, our families, or our professional lives. Think of the fearless child you once were who embraced the change of the season from summer to fall with the hope of endless possibilities. We may have to work a little harder or wait a little longer, but changes for the good are possible.  Remember to accept the things we cannot change and have the courage to change the things we can.

I know that many of us have missed the socialization and networking that takes place at our monthly meetings. Well, I am excited to tell you that we will be hosting our Daytime October 21st meeting via Zoom, and we will be hosting an in-person meeting at the same time on a first-come, first-serve basis. Members only will be permitted for the in-person meeting and must pay online when registration opens. At this time, Governor Cooper is permitting up to twenty-five people for indoor meetings. If this changes, we will notify our members.  

I hope that you will join me as we embrace this change!

All my best,


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CWF Members are women who own businesses, or are following careers in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Other members are blissfully enjoying retirement or raising families. Some are new to New Bern and are seeking ways to establish themselves within the community. They are all energetically involved in pursuing their personal passions and often committed volunteers for the benefit of the community.

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