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Habitat for Humanity was established in 1976 by Millard & Linda Fuller in Americas, GA with the vision of “A world where everyone has a decent place to live.”

In June 1989, a group of citizens who shared this vision founded our local Habitat for Humanity of Craven County and over the last 29 years, this local affiliate has completed 66 homes, impacting over 95 adults and 120 children. Construction on home #67 will begin in late November and four new homes are planned by the end of this fiscal year in June 2019. In addition, a special program for repairs and rebuilding in response to damages experienced in our community from Hurricane Florence will be coordinated by Habitat Craven County to assist Habitat and non-Habitat homeowners in the coming months.

There are currently 1250 Habitat affiliates in the US, with 67 located in North Carolina. Each Habitat affiliate operates independently, although each follows the general policies of Habitat for Humanity International and is responsible for their own fundraising. Habitat Craven County accomplishes this through grant awards as well as donations from businesses, organizations and individuals. In addition, monthly mortgage payments go into the Fund for Humanity to support ongoing home building projects and the Habitat ReStore contributes critical revenue from the sale of donated furniture, appliances, and household or remolding items.

On an international level, Habitat is involved with building or investing in 84 countries throughout the world. Through an annual Tithe Program, Habitat Craven County has contributed over $104,000 to build 41 homes to date. A Global Village trip is planned in 2020 to recruit volunteers from New Bern for an international building mission. A Habitat “Home Brew Coffee” has been created to bring awareness and support for this trip and three South American countries are represented in the coffee selections available through Habitat Craven County.

With a small staff of ten, six of whom are dedicated to the ReStore, Habitat Craven County is dependent on volunteers to support construction, ReStore, and committee activities. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities to fit individual skills, interests, expertise, and time schedules whether you have only a few hours or are looking for an ongoing project.

Deedra Durocher, Volunteer & Resource Coordinator

Your generous donation to the President's Charity will be set aside

for the needed restoration of homes damaged by Florence.


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President's Message

Eileen Nonemaker

Home for the Holidays

It’s hard to believe that another year has gone swiftly by and that we are approaching the winter holidays. Hollywood has romanticized the concept of being home for the holidays, but in many families, it has often been a dilemma as to where to spend them…her family’s, his family’s, with the kids or with the in-laws…maybe with good friends…and what do we mean by “home”?

Growing up, we spent Christmas eve with my mother’s sisters – at one aunt’s house with all my cousins. Christmas day we visited my paternal grandparents, with my father’s brothers and sisters and my cousins. As the families grew, with marriages and grandchildren, we no longer gathered as a group, but as individual family units. I remember that it was pretty simple until I got married. Then we had to share with each other’s parents or host ourselves and deal with food likes and dislikes and different cultural traditions. It was never easy. But I seem to recollect that it always went fairly well and there were no real issues. I hope your recollection is similar.

It is different now, because our parents are gone and we are celebrating with siblings, nieces and nephews and their children. On Rob’s side it’s an elegant dinner prepared by his brother and sister-in-law. On my side, the quiet dinners with adult conversation are a thing of the past. Now, it’s all about the kids.

The Christmas tree at my sister’s house is almost buried by the gifts for her six grandchildren. Opening gifts takes quite a while, starting with the youngest, whose attention span is the shortest, and ending with the oldest, who will be twenty-one this year. Each year the types of gifts change as each one grows older and develops new interests. And we all look forward to our “new” traditional feasts that are very different from our parents.

My family is lucky – we survived Florence with no damage to our homes. Our holidays will be somewhat normal. Unfortunately, not everyone can say the same thing. Our community is still not back to normal with folks in rentals, staying with family and friends, and busy renovating, reconstructing or possible relocating.

Family celebrations past and present have been wonderful gatherings with family members sharing love, food and gifts. This year, many people are displaced and for many their funds being diverted to rebuilding. Many kids (and adults) may be short on joy. Please share the joy by offering an invitation to a neighbor or friend, and by sharing what you can with Habitat for Humanity through the President's chosen Charity. 

We welcome you to start your holiday celebrations at our December events. Our Dinner at The Chelsea on December 4th and our Lunch at the New Bern Golf and Country Club on December 19th.  Our host locations will be brightly decorated with holiday cheer and we will provide opportunities for fun, joy, and laughs.  Representing the President’s Charity at our December events is Habitat for Humanity’s Volunteer Coordinator, Deedra Durocher.

I chose this charity several months ago, long before Florence arrived. The vision of Habitat, founded in 1976, is “a world where everyone has a decent place to live.” It seems this vision is very meaningful for those in our area who are still working to get back in their homes.

Habitat for Humanity offers opportunities for first-time home buyers in low income communities who meet certain criteria. Due to the destruction created by Florence, the Habitat Board of Directors has reduced this year’s goal for building new homes, to create a special program for the repair and rebuilding of 50-55 Habitat and non-Habitat homes in Craven County. Deedra has prepared a more detailed article later in this newsletter.

December is a hectic month, but please take some time to celebrate with your CWF sisters! See you then!


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